B.Tech in Dairy Technology

The B.Tech degree in Dairy Technology provides comprehensive training in dairy processing and product development.The curriculum covers dairy plant design, clean milk production, processing and packaging machinery, chemical and microbiological standards, food safety, quality assurance, spoilage control, preservation, sensory evaluation, shelf-life evaluation, waste disposal, and business management skills.

Students gain practical experience through the department’s dairy farm and mini dairy processing unit, producing various dairy products. Advanced milk testing laboratories offer training in milk analysis, adulteration detection, proximate analysis, and safety evaluation per FSSAI guidelines.

In the Dairy Processing and Development domain, students engage in operations like pasteurization, homogenization, sterilization, fermentation, packaging, and preservation. They learn to handle processing equipment, perform quality and safety monitoring, and develop innovative dairy products, including probiotic foods, ensuring a well-rounded education in dairy technology.

Fee Per Year

4 years

Centurion University takes pride in its outstanding placement record, consistently achieving high placement rates with leading organizations across India.

With two summer trainings and an industrial internship, graduates gain valuable industry experience. Students benefit from hands-on training at Centurion’s own milk processing unit, gaining essential skills in milk and milk product processing.

  • 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, Math/Biology) – 50%

  • Food Safety Officer
  • Milk Procurement Officer
  • Dairy Extension Officer
  • QA/QC Executive/Manager
  • Milk Chemist/ Microbiologist
  • Logistics and Distribution Manager
  • Dairy Plant Manager/Technical Officer
  • Dairy Consultants
  • Dairy Entrepreneur
  • Dairy Plant Supervisor
  • Product Development Officer
  • Dairy Process Engineer
  • Higher Study (M. Tech/ PhD)


A B.Tech of Dairy Technology course is an undergraduate program focused on the study of various aspects of dairy production, processing, and management. It covers topics such as milk production, dairy engineering, dairy chemistry, microbiology, quality control, and dairy product technology.

Dairy technology can indeed be a promising career choice, especially considering the increasing demand for dairy products globally. With advancements in technology and growing awareness of health and nutrition, there are ample opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship in the dairy industry.

10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, Math/Biology) - 50%

Highest salary that a Dairy Technologist can earn is ₹10.5 Lakhs per year (₹87.5k per month).

The scope of dairy technology is broad and diverse. Some of the areas can be Dairy Supervisor, Dairy Consultant, Dairy Engineer, Dairy Scientist/Researcher, Microbiologist, Dairy Production Manager, Dairy Technologist, Quality Control Officer.

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